Block Blast Block Game

Block Blast Block Game

Meet Block Blast Adventure Master, the ultimate block puzzle game that will relax your mind while you solve puzzle by block and keep massaging your brain, fun and exciting!

Have you ever played a wooden puzzle? Do you like the dice game and the grid? Block Blast Adventure Master is the game for you because it combines a free block game and the best cube block grid game.

The block game turns the game into a fun puzzle game. If you like block puzzles, this game is sure to interest you. Block Blast Adventure Master is also the perfect puzzle game that will get your brain to work hard.

Starting simple, this block puzzle game will make you immerse yourself in the pure bliss of a block puzzle. With unlimited attempts, you can go on and raise your IQ to new heights!

Features of the block puzzle game:

• Classic puzzle game for all ages.
• Enjoy building blocks anytime, anywhere.
• No Wi-Fi required, great for killing time.
• Blocky puzzles and story-driven adventure mode.

How to Play Block Puzzle:

• Drag and drop cube blocks into an 8x8 grid.
• Fill in rows or columns with blocks to exclude them.
• If there are no blocks left, the game is over.
• Blocks cannot be rotated, which makes the task more difficult and uncertain.

How to get a high score in this block puzzle game:

• Use empty space on the board wisely to create more opportunities.
• Try deleting multiple rows at once to get a higher score.
• Plan ahead for more communities than just the current one.
• Choose the best position for the block depending on the shape of the block.

In this block-based puzzle game, you will also experience the new and original COMBO gameplay. Drag and drop blocks on the board, fill in a row or column to complete the elimination, clearing multiple rows or columns at the same time will result in cool elimination animations and bonus points. The more COMBOS you complete, the more points you earn. Test your IQ and train your brain in Block Blast!

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Tasneem Holden

Went through it the first time the game is a class control and it was not difficult or easy to pass

Sayed Bishop

Sorry to those who rated below 5 stars, the game is perfect, I quit PC gaming when I played this game once

Vincent Stamp

Dear Developers, why can not I enter the game with 17:00 today writes that the error company Xiaomi. Thank you for answering all is normal.

Teddy Valdez

The game is great, I like it.